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Rainy Roundup - 10 Rain-Inspired Crafts - By Stella CraftsHello again, lovelies. I hope you are all having a wonderful week! So, I know we don’t know each other very well just yet, but one thing you’ll learn about me is that I love rainy weather. Yesterday just so happened to be a beautiful, dreary, rainy day and I got inspired to gather up some projects to share with you (ten, to be exact) that go with the rain theme.

Here we go!

1) Cloudy Day Applique Tote TutorialCraft Snob


Isn’t this tote adorable? If you’ve read my first post you know that I would like to learn to sew, and I think this could be a good project to start with. The instructions are easy to understand and there are pictures to help guide you, as well. They also provide the link to the cloud and raindrop pattern they used, so you don’t have to go searching for one. Score!

2) DIY Glitter Rain BootsHome Heart Craft

diy glitter rainboots kid how to 1Glitter and bows, you guys! Sounds like a perfect combo to me! These little girl’s boots are precious, but you can jazz up rain boots in any size. I want to make some in every color! The options are really limitless with this fun project.

3) DIY: Striped UmbrellaWhat I Wore


You’ll be rainy day chic with this classic, vintage-inspired umbrella. I actually like the one that she made better than the one that it was inspired by. It’s elegant and reminds me of Audrey Hepburn, but it’s budget friendly and super simple to make. So, next time you’re feeling crafty, try turning your boring old black umbrella into this classy accessory!

4) Doggy CoatMartha Stewart


Don’t forget about keeping your pups dry, too! This doggy coat is water-resistant, adjustable, and really cute. Your fur babies will be extra happy that you’re keeping them warm and dry when they have to do their business in inclement weather.

5) Rain PaintingHousing a Forest

Rain-Painting-9This looks like so much fun, and would be a perfect rainy day activity for kids. Housing a Forest shows us 5 different ways to paint with the rain and gives instructions and pictures for each. They also have other fun rainy day activities for kids here, but this was my favorite.

6) How To Make A Rain BarrelChristine Hennessey


I found this on Pinterest a while back and I think it’s GENIUS, so when I decided to do this roundup I knew I had to include it. I can’t wait to not live in an apartment anymore so we can do this! There are so many places online where you can find out how to make a rain barrel, but this post actually shows you how to make a really cool rain barrel system. All you gardeners should definitely check this out.

7) DIY Rain Chain Using SpoonsBirds and Blooms


Speaking of things to do in a garden, here’s this awesome rain chain. This is something you can do with your old silverware after you replace it with fancy new silverware, instead of just throwing the old stuff out. You could probably make this using just about any type of metal utensil, but I think I like it best with the spoons.

8) How To Stencil TutorialThe 36th Avenue


This little bench is darling. The tutorial is simple and easy to follow, and I’m really loving the stencils she uses – they come in packs of 8! This would be cute to do on just about anything.

9) Embroidery BasicsWild Olive


This tutorial is all about different embroidery fill stitches. These sweet little raindrops would look great on a bag or even on a wall canvas, and the colors she uses are just perfect! Her instructions are very thorough, there are tons of great pictures, and it’s actually part 2 in a series.

10) Raindrop Latte Mug sprout*studio


What goes perfectly with a rainy day? A raindrop mug full of your favorite hot drink, of course! Sprout*studio is an Etsy store and they make all kinds of coolness. I know this last one isn’t technically a project, but I had to include it! Super cute, right?

That’s all for now, peeps! I hope you all enjoyed this post as much as I did. Comment and let me know what you think or just to say hi, and e-mail me a picture if you do any of these projects and would like your masterpiece posted on my blog!

Lots of love,

Song of the day: “The Scientist” by Willie Nelson. Yes, the Willie Nelson version. It’s awesome. Trust me.